The park was founded in 1935, and is the largest in the Alps, with its 134,620 acres spread over 24 districts and 4 provinces (Trento, Bolzano, Brescia and Sondrio).

The section of the park located in Trentino, extends along the two vallies of Pejo and Rabbi. The park has contributed in maintaining intact the balance between man and nature, once spontaneous, due to the rural culture, respect for the territory and communal goods and property, the responsibility towards their roots and the innate modesty of the local people. The presence of the park acts as a protective agent for the territory (monitoring, census, maintenance, rescue and recovery of the ambience and the surrounding landscape.)

The scene captured by the park is unique, majestic woodpeckers, thriving forests, green mountain fields, waterfalls and cascades, mountain huts and refuges, all in perfect harmony with their environment.

The morphological variety of the territory and the differing altitudes permit the cohabitation of diverse ecosystems and the numerous species of flora and fauna.


Consorzio Stelvio National Park
Via Roma 65 – 38024 Cogolo di Pejo (TN)
Tel 0463 746121 – Fax 0463 746090

Visitor Centre Rabbi
Rabbi Fonti – 38020 RABBI (TN)
Tel and Fax 0463 985190

Visito Centre PEJO
Via Roma 28 – 38024 Cogolo (TN)
Tel and Fax 0463 754186 

Pejo Faunistic Area
Pejo Fonti – 38020 PEJO (TN)
Tel: 0463 743305